choose a baby bottle

If you’re wondering how to pick a bottle for your little one, read on! Finding out you’re pregnant can be the most wonderful surprise yet it can also be an extremely unnerving time for a new mom (read more about early pregnancy symptoms in this article What do you need to buy? How many will you need to buy? If you find yourself having so many questions, don’t fret! It’s completely normal. Today, we’re talking about how to choose a baby bottle for your little one.

choose a baby bottle


If you’re a first time mom, then you can ask for your other mom friends for their recommendations. Choose the top 3 then let your baby try using those. This is because you won’t really which your baby likes until they try it for themselves. And with the experience of your other mom friends, you can trust their opinions regarding the types of baby bottles they use.

If you don’t really have friends who are already experienced moms, then you can check online for what other moms suggest. You can also see reviews for potential baby bottles so you can see the good and bad points to buying a certain brand or kind of bottle.


There are starter baby bottles which are so small you can call them baby bottles, and there are the bigger ones for when your baby’s appetite also grows. If you want to save up, then you may wat to go for the bigger bottles immediately. Just adjust the contents based on your baby’s current serving size. This way, you won’t have to buy new bottles when your baby outgrows the small bottles.


If your baby turns out to be gassy or colicky, then you may have to buy special baby bottles with features that reduce gassiness such as angled tops, drop-in inserts, and vents. You can proactively buy baby bottles with those features even beforehand to be sure and to avoid spending more in the long run.


If the bottles are for your second child, then it’s best to buy new bottles for them rather than use the same ones that you did for your firstborn. This is because the old bottles may not be up to par with the current safety and environmental standards than the ones currently on the market. Old bottles also pose the risk of releasing a chemical called bisphenol a (BPA) which is potentially dangerous for your baby.


Baby bottles come in a variety of materials, and you can choose from plastic (make sure that it’s free of BPA), glass, as well as stainless steel. These are all unbreakable and eco-friendly choices. Choose a bottle made from durable material that you’re sure will last long so you don’t have to keep on buying new bottles every time one breaks.

Apart from the bottle, you may want to consider the material of the nipples. Silicone nipples are firm and last longer while latex are softer but don’t last as long. Always remember that you must replace the nipples the moment that they crack, become discolored, or thin.


This is important not just because of the aesthetic purposes, but also for cleaning purposes. Wider brimmed and broad-necked bottles are generally easier to clean than their slim or contoured counterparts.


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